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First Ever International Clagg Tournament

May 28th, 2008

U.S. Clagg Headquarters (the Foss House)

The Rules of Clagg

The Game

Clagg is a trick-taking game played in numerous countries. Similar to Hearts, Spades, and Bridge, Clagg is played with a trump suit. Clagg purportedly originated in the Royal British Air Force and started as an acronym for Clouds Low Aircraft Grounded. The trump suit changes for each hand and is determined by turning the next card in the deck after all the cards for each hand have been dealt. The game can be played by up to seven players; the optimal number of players is four.


Players shuffle and deal as normal in card games. The game consists of three parts. First, there are seven rounds of normal play starting with one card per hand, increasing each round until each player receives seven cards. Second, the players play a series of variations on the game as discussed below. Third, the players play seven more normal rounds, starting with seven cards each hand and decreasing by one hand each round until the last round is played with one card.


Players score according to what they've bid. Players only earn points when they win the exact number of tricks they bid. Unlike the game of Spades, when a player wins more tricks than he or she bid, that player earns no points for that round. The baseline for points is ten points when a player meets his bid. players receive two points for every trick they bid and meet above zero. I.e. a successful bid of zero tricks earns ten points, while a successful bid of three tricks earns sixteen points. Unsuccessful bids by any margin receive no points. Only in the Misere rounds can a player receive negative points. Players do not bid in the Misere round.

Special Rounds

After counting up from 1 card per hand to 7 cards per hand--and before counting down from 7 to 1--the players play six variations of the games. These special rounds include: No Trumps, Guess 'Em, Misere (No Trumps), Misere (with Trumps), Blind, and Roll 'Em. All special rounds are played wtih seven cards.
1. No Trumps: The hand is played as normal except that there is no trump suit. Players bid as normal and the tricks are scored as normal.
2. Guess 'Em: The hand is dealt to each player, but each player must bid before the trump suit is determined.
3. Misere (No Trump): In this round, two points are deducted from a player's score for every trick he or she wins. If the player wins no tricks, that player receives ten points--each player is presumed to have bid zero. There is no trump suit for this first Misere round.
4. Misere (with Trump): In the Misere-wtih-Trumps round is that the round is played with a trump suit and three points are deducted from a player's score for every trick he or she wins. Players do not bid and likewise as before are presumed to have bid zero.
5. Blind: In this special round, players must bid as to the number of tricks they will win without even looking at their cards or knowing the trump suit.
6. Roll 'Em: In this round, the players bid without looking at the seven cards dealt to them and then play the cards from the top of the pile.

Highest Clagg Scores

214 Taylor Foss

200 Allen Dishongh (unverified)

198 Susan Harper

Notable Performances as Recorded in the Annals of Clagg History

1/30/2008 - Tom Foss - Won 6 of 7 tricks on the Guess 'em round.

3/25/2008 - Leslie Harper - Won (?) every trick of a Misere No Trump round, thus losing 14 points.

8/28/2007 - Lauren Hansen - Bid and won 6 tricks in the 7 round.

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